Who We Are

Tech@Home is a service exclusively for older adults. Brought to you by Parasol Alliance, Tech@Home provides premier personalized technology support for older adults in their home and community. By improving social engagement, creative expression, and life-long learning, Tech@Home helps older adults thrive using technology. With a strong commitment to being innovative, compassionate and responsive-we promise to share our expertise and passion by connecting people with technology.

Technology & Lifelong Learning

• Monthly classes on technology and devices
(may be an additional charge on a per class basis)
• Information on technology geared for older adults
• Training on how to use personal devices

Connecting Older Adults with Technology

• One on one service appointments
• Technology support “office hours” on campus
• Move in’s/Move out’s-connecting your devices
• Set up of new devices

What Technology Do We Service?

• Cell phones/smartphones
• Desktop computer support
• Internet connection
• iPad/iPod/tablet
• Digital health devices (FitBit)
• Landline phone
• Laptop support
• Wireless devices
• Printer & Radio support
• Roku/AppleTV or other streaming devices
• Smart TV connection
• Spam/malware/virus cleanup and prevention
• Wi-Fi Connection

Adam Williams

Meet our Resident Technology Manager

Adam joins Tech@Home and the Parasol Alliance team with a plethora of knowledge exclusive to senior living.  Like Parasol Alliance, Adam shares a passion for improving social engagement by connecting older adults with technology.

Adam will be available to share his expertise during lifelong learning courses and supporting the technology needs in your home and community.

For more information on all of Tech@Home’s services, and how Adam can bring innovative and compassionate technology resources to your community.

Call: (414) 219-9806.