What is Parasol Alliance?

Parasol Alliance was founded by a group of senior care organizations to effectively provide an outsourced “in-house” approach to their IT requirements. The Alliance formation was driven by the need to be strategic, responsive and effective while maintaining long-term control of costs.

What services does Parasol Alliance provide?

We provide outsourced IT managed services solutions that fulfills the role of an outsourced “internal” technology department.

Client engagements include:

  • Outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • IT strategy
  • Project management
  • IT operations and administration
  • IT vendor management
  • Help desk management
  • Network and system administration
  • Business systems support

We also provide IT strategic assessments as well as technology consulting. Please visit our services pages to learn more.


What industries does Parasol Alliance support and who are its clients?

  • Parasol Alliance works exclusively in the senior care industry. Our staff has detailed operational knowledge of the full post acute care spectrum including skilled nursing, assisted living, independent and HUD housing, home health, community based services and CCRC’s.
  • The typical Parasol client is a small to mid-sized agency with little or no internal technology staffing resources.

What are the advantages of partnering with Parasol Alliance compared to other IT consulting or managed services firms?

  • Parasol Alliance is a unique business model that specifically addresses unmet needs in the areas of outsourced and internal IT solutions for the small to mid-sized long-term care company.
  • Each engagement begins with creation of a customized IT assessment and strategic plan for the client.
  • Parasol Alliance then works with the client on an ongoing basis to implement and manage the project roadmap as well as provide ongoing IT operations and support.
  • Parasol Alliance also provides a single point-of-contact for both project and relationship management.
  • The project team familiarizes itself with the client’s systems and executes the priorities with only those skills/resources needed on a regular basis to effectively and efficiently match the right skills and resources for implementation.

What are the advantages of partnering with Parasol Alliance compared to maintaining an in-house IT staff?

  • The flexibility and resource management of Parasol provides its client access to the right mix of resources at the right time from a dedicated Parasol team that is familiar with the client’s technology.
  • Each client’s technology projects are road mapped at the beginning of the engagement which ensures that the client is able to take advantage of the technology experts throughout the life cycle of the project.

What does Parasol Alliance mean when it refers to “partnering” with its clients?

  • Parasol Alliance is committed to providing a partnership that ensures the client’s best interest for the long-term.
  • Parasol Alliance’s approach and core business model provides the development of a long-range strategic plan based on the clients’ corporate values. including but not limited to;
    • Pro-active budget planning aligned with strategic priorities
    • Quarterly update meetings
    • Flexible and needs driven resources

Does Parasol Alliance support or sell specific hardware or software solutions?

Parasol Alliance does not recommend or work with any one specific vendor or solution, rather we work closely with each client to ensure that they are using the optimal hardware and software solutions for their business needs as well as optimizing the existing systems that are in place for maximum efficiency.

What electronic medical records does Parasol Alliance work with?

Parasol Alliance does not align itself specific to one electronic medical records system. The staff at Parasol Alliance are familiar with the major long-term care specific software systems.

Does Parasol Alliance train our staff on the effective use of information technology?

Parasol Alliance strongly believes that the client’s staff need to be enabled and engaged to use technology. Staff training is included in every Parasol Alliance contract in order to realize the planned benefits of the technology.

How cost-effective is Parasol Alliance?

  • Parasol Alliance is not about technology for technology’s sake, but rather the proper use of technology to achieve business success.
  • Parasol Alliance is the most cost effective IT solution for our clients. Our business model allows access to the right mix of resources at the right time while maintaining strategic oversight and budgeting.