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BLOG | May 23

Delivering effective technology support and systems for seniors

The demand for technology in Senior Living communities is rising, and not just from staff. Seniors are following the global trend of being increasingly dependent on technology in their day-to-day lives.
From talking to their loved ones to interacting with events in their community, technology solutions have become more important for seniors than ever. This need is so widespread that 72% of seniors say they rely on technology to stay connected with their friends and families. However, without support, your community residents may have some difficulty keeping up with the rapid change of devices and applications, staying connected, and avoiding any unnecessary frustrations as a result.

It's time to give your seniors more effective technology programming and support

Due to the major increase in demand from seniors for the benefits that technology can bring them, Senior Living organizations need to start considering investing in a dedicated resident support technology team to help with setting up devices, troubleshooting problems one-on-one, and providing organized information sessions. While it may seem like a large step to take, creating a technology support team can help to simultaneously provide your residents with better service and help your community stand out above the rest.

Senior residents have common demands when it comes to what they want their technology to provide to them. Ideally solutions should be simple to operate and be able to help them easily complete tasks related to:

  • Shopping
  • Communication
  • Healthcare
  • Learning
  • Entertainment
  • And more!

Your community should aim to provide a higher quality of living and convenience through technology to promote independence as well as a sense of community for your residents.

Having a dedicated resident support technology team can also help to free up your staff to focus on operational goals. Often, the IT teams of many Senior Living providers feel stretched for bandwidth when having to provide both resident support and staff support.

Separating your IT teams between staff and residents allows your community to maximize its resources, as the expertise needed for each function are very different. In addition, this will free up the time for other departments who are commonly pulled into resident technology support needs, such as your life enrichment or maintenance teams.  By providing a dedicated technology resource to your residents, you're providing an overall benefit to your community.

The benefits of delivering comprehensive technology support for your residents

Finding a way to effectively deliver comprehensive technology services for your Senior Living community has plenty of upsides for your organization. Having a team that focuses directly on the needs of your residents can help your community operations run more efficiently while providing more comprehensive services for your residents. The ability to bring a comprehensive technology services package to residents has many additional benefits, including:

  • Increased quality of care: Helping your residents better understand and utilize their technology can actually help to increase their quality of care. There are endless innovative wellness and health related applications that are now at the fingertips of seniors. They just need the right support team to help maximize their usage.
  • Better services: Every Senior Living community wants to differentiate itself in terms of services, and having a resident technology program can take your organization to the next level when seniors are considering moving in.
  • Higher engagement: A dedicated Senior Living technology team can put tools in place that are easy for your community members to use, and can foster greater engagement both inside and outside your community.

When looking to implement a more comprehensive technology support system for their communities, many Senior Living organizations may not have the existing bandwidth to divide up their information technology teams. The best method to provide your seniors with the technology support and care they deserve is to work with a trusted partner who understands how to deliver effective Senior Living resident technology programming.

Parasol Alliance can help your organization deliver effective resident support services — meeting your community residents wide array of needs. We help Senior Living communities deliver exceptional technology support to their residents, with services such as:

  • Virtual and onsite resident IT support help desk.
  • One-on-one service appointments.
  • On-site office hours.
  • Hardware and software support.
  • Internet and Bluetooth connection support.
  • Technology education classes.
  • Scam, spam and malware protection and education.

For more information on how Parasol Alliance can help you deliver exceptional technology services to your Senior Living community residents, contact us today.