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BLOG | January 23

When looking for an IT partner, experience with senior living communities is critical

Every single business has its own technology needs. Some require vast server farms to run large amounts of information, others need to ensure that end users are happy with their final product. Senior living communities are no different when it comes to having unique requirements for their business, and sometimes the technologies that are needed to provide the best possible experience for your staff and residents can be difficult or overwhelming to implement.

To make sure your organization is getting the best out of its technology, any senior living organization should consider working with an IT partner who understands the complexity of their technological needs and can help them plan to modernize their infrastructure, while bearing their unique needs and operations in mind.

Why a specialized IT service provider can provide better service for your organization

You work in a field that delivers specialized services and care to your residents — and your organization deserves the same level of attention to detail and care that you give to your community members. Senior living communities have a wide variety of users and technologies to keep track of. Some of those users may not even be comfortable with using new technology. A specialized IT team with hands-on experience in senior living communities helps to bridge the gap between modernizing technology and ensuring that your organization runs smoothly.

A specialized senior living IT team can also help to identify and improve efficiency in how your organization uses technology and provide insights on how to make your community operate optimally with its resources. This can take multiple forms, from finding better ways to set up your campus' WiFi to a full suite of recommendations for a total technology overhaul. By leveraging the expertise of a specialized IT service for senior care, you're able to operate with a best practice methodology tailor-made for your community.

Another benefit of working with a specialized senior living IT team is they always work with your regulatory compliance and security needs in mind. Traditional IT services may not have the experience needed to ensure that HIPAA compliance is baked into all technology choices and upgrades. A specialized senior living service truly understands the importance of making sure that sensitive protected health information is kept confidential and secure.

Specialized IT services can make the lives of your community's residents and staff better

Your residents and staff are the central focus of your community. Ensuring that your technology and processes are smooth enough for them to understand — without causing frustration — is critical not only to their happiness, but to your organization's brand. A specialized senior living IT service can ensure that not only are their needs met, but that your community members can interact with technology in a way that opens new possibilities and better care outcomes for them.

One way a specialized senior living IT organization can make a difference is by passing along their industry knowledge as it relates to best-in-class infrastructure needs and business system application optimization. With so many innovative and emerging technologies popping up in the senior living space, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. A specialized senior living IT organization can manage the analysis, procurement, and implementation of these systems, while making sure your team's and residents' needs are met. This includes anything from ensuring proper functionality, user training and support, as well as evaluating their relevance to senior living operations.

Another key area of consideration is integration. With many technologies moving towards highly specialized functions, it's important to know how these different systems across your organization can communicate with each other, so as not to make one department suffer on another's behalf.

The client service manager and service desk technician that your staff or residents engage with is crucial as well. Your team and residents don't want to have to explain who they are and what they do with each interaction. They want support from a team of experts who understands the intricacies of their business and day-to-day routine, so they can get a timely response with empathy and a satisfying resolution.

How Parasol Alliance provides specialized support to senior living communities

Parasol Alliance is fully dedicated to providing technology services for senior living communities. Our organization ensures that communities like yours get the IT services, support and consultation they need to not only simplify their IT decisions, but also to ensure that residents get top quality care. With our specialized expertise in business and technology solutions for senior living communities, we can help ensure that your organization can implement technology with both best practices and budget in mind.

Some of the services that we offer include:

  • A Technology assessment & strategic IT roadmap.
  • Fully managed IT services.
  • Cybersecurity and end-user awareness training.
  • Resident technology support services.
  • Technology consulting.
  • Wireless surveys and design.
  • HIPAA security risk assessments.

If you're looking to ensure that your community has technology that works for both your staff and your residents, reach out to us today.