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CASE STUDY | February 23 - 3 min read

Oakwood Village’s Technology Strategy Implementation

Oakwood Village is a Senior Living community in Madison, Wisconsin that provides independent living, memory care and assisted living for its residents.

Business Challenge

Oakwood was facing a series of challenges that are prevalent in many Senior Living communities. Their IT department was not in a position to be able to fully manage their operations as well as provide a technical support role. Furthermore, their quest for modernization in terms of technology was hampered by the lack of a strategic IT plan and limited resources for implementing technology solutions. This combination of factors led Oakwood to turn outward for a solution, landing on Parasol Alliance to help them modernize their technology and thereby provide better services for their staff and residents.


Parasol Alliance helped to kick Oakwood’s technology program into high gear. The process started with assessing Oakwood’s current IT environment and building out a three-year technology roadmap. This process helped Oakwood develop a plan of action for modernizing its IT infrastructure and expanding its technology systems to future proof their community. This strategy has assisted Oakwood in their journey towards providing better solutions for their staff which ultimately helps them provide a better experience for their residents.

By utilizing Parasol’s expertise in providing technology solutions exclusively for Senior Living communities, Oakwood has been able to implement five separate major business systems, amongst many other technology operations and infrastructure solutions. Of those business systems in particular, Parasol was able to get Oakwood up and running with an electronic medical record (EMR) system, PointClickCare, to help Oakwood’s staff be more efficient and effective in providing optimal care for their residents. An EMR implementation is one of the core business systems on which Senior Living communities operate, making this roughly 600 hour project led by the Parasol Alliance team a crucial one. These 600 hours consist of project planning, system requirements, and analysis, all the way through implementation and post go-live training for staff members.

Once the EMR and other core technologies were successfully implemented and integrated, Oakwood was able to begin preparations to pilot CareWork — a business intelligence solution that allows them to streamline their business system data into a central platform in order to make more informed decisions as an organization. The use of this type of transformative system would not be possible if Oakwood and the Parasol Alliance team had not gone through the necessary process of developing a strategic technology roadmap, and implementing the infrastructure and business system solutions needed to make the most out of a
business intelligence platform.


Parasol Alliance has helped Oakwood modernize their technology systems and be better prepared for the future.

When asked about the benefits that Parasol Alliance has brought to the table for their organization, Linda Johnson, Oakwood’s Chief Financial Officer had this to say:

“It’s the strategic planning, the project management, the resources that we could never hire for ourselves. Lastly, they can connect us to their peers and others who are in the same boat facing the same challenges that we are today…

…if you’re not with Parasol Alliance already, I’d highly suggest contracting with them.”

Working with Parasol Alliance has been a transformative experience for the Oakwood community.
Linda Johnson
Chief Financial Officer

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