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PODCAST | November 22

All Things Resident Technology – Part 2

On Ep 5 of Raising Tech, Rachel Lugge is joined by Haider Mahmood, Senior Director of Vinson Hall Retirement Community in McLean, Virginia. Haider describes the journey their team embarked on to cultivate the right buy-in from residents for new technologies and the right mix of hands-on technology support this military community needed to ensure the technology they were bringing to their campus had true sticking power. Haider describes touching before and after scenarios of residents who were once tech-adverse, now using technology with confidence and creativity. Haider credits this transformation of technology culture to involving residents in the planning process from day one and enough ongoing hands-on technology support to ensure new technologies can be learned, practiced and used on a consistent basis.

In this episode, Haider shares how Vinson Hall is measuring the ROI for their resident tech program, the practical advice and the tactical steps any community should consider when looking to incorporate new technologies, and the lessons they learned along the way.

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