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PODCAST | November 22

Do You Kare?

Before COVID, there were 2.9 million front-line post-acute caregivers across the country. In early 2020, 15% of this workforce left the industry, with experts predicting a shortage of 1.8 million caregivers by the year 2023. In this episode of Raising Tech, our host Amber Bardon sits down with Charles Turner, Founder and CEO of KARE.

Often referred to as the “Uber of staffing”, KARE’s mission is to transform caregivers and nurses into heroes who can easily respond to the call from senior care communities to save the day. Learn how KARE is approaching the industry’s staffing crisis, how they differ from traditional staffing agencies, and the impact their service will inevitably have on the future of the senior living industry. Raising Tech is powered by Parasol Alliance, The Strategic Planning & Full-Service IT Partner exclusively serving Senior Living Communities.

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