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PODCAST | November 22

Introducing Raising Tech

Welcome to season 1, episode 1 of Raising Tech, your guide to understanding the role technology plays in your senior living business strategy and day-to-day operations. Our mission at Raising Tech is to educate and empower senior living providers to maximize their use of technology. This podcast is designed to be your monthly tech check-in to learn how best to optimize operations, establish tech as part of your organization’s competitive advantage, incorporate technology into your long-range vision and how to bring residents and employees along on the journey. Episodes will include everything from bringing senior living communities out of legacy systems and into streamlined infrastructures to developing a technology strategy designed for the next generation of residents and employees. Tune in for tech trends, hot topics and meet the people behind the tech landscape in senior living to gain practical tech knowledge you can apply in your organization today. 

On today’s episode we meet the show’s host, Amber Bardon, CEO and founder of Parasol Alliance and Rachel Lugge, gerontologist and aging services expert and colleague of Amber’s at Parasol Alliance. In this episode, Amber describes her journey into senior living technology, highlighting the top challenges the senior living field is facing that surfaced the need for a holistic technology solution for providers. Amber discusses the silver lining of the 2020 pandemic - technology, and how providers are taking advantage of this opportunity to level up their technology strategy and drive their competitive advantage in the market.

Raising Tech is powered by Parasol Alliance, The Strategic Planning & Full-Service IT Partner exclusively serving Senior Living Communities.

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