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PODCAST | November 22

The Art of Strategic Partnerships, the Collaborative Advantage

Episode 2 of Raising Tech is all about the art and the science behind building strategic partnerships in technology. As today’s guest, Ken Arneson, CEO of Evergreen Retirement Community, puts it, “as the world becomes increasingly more complicated, the ability to figure it all out on your own, becomes increasingly more difficult, this has directly led to the need for more partnerships”.

Join Amber Bardon and Ken Arneson as they unpack how a technology partnership can advance your organization’s growth, increase your credibility in the market and with resident stakeholders, how to identify the exact outcomes you are looking to achieve through a partnership and finally, how to evaluate if a partner is the right culture fit for your organization. This episode is full of tactical steps and key questions providers can use today to begin taking the first steps towards a game-changing partnership.

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