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PODCAST | November 22

The Beauty of a Roadmap

Karen Lehman, CEO and President at Mennonite Health Services, a not-for-profit membership organization, joins Raising Tech host, Amber Bardon to discuss the advantages of developing and utilizing a tactical technology roadmap. Karen begins by describing a common scenario. After a leadership change, the organization needed to discern the future direction of the system. Karen was tasked with leading this effort. Through an employee and operational review, Karen learned there were major disconnects in technology and related business systems and operational processes.

Amber discusses the key components to developing a technology infrastructure from the foundation up, what needs to be considered, who should be involved and how the roadmap can serve as a living document to chart all technology investments, projects as well as serve as the operational and capital technology budget. Karen describes the value of the interactive assessment process and roadmap highlighting key takeaways and direct outcomes for Mennonite Health Services.

Tune in to learn how to accurately assess the technology environment in your community, actionable advice for getting started and how to fully leverage a technology roadmap to move the needle and advance technology outcomes in your community.

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