Technology Consulting

At Parasol Alliance, we provide managed information technology solutions exclusively for Senior Living communities.

We understand your pain points as well as your technology needs and strive to ensure that they aren’t just met, but exceeded. What we have found is that some Senior Living communities require help implementing specific technology solutions for their communities instead of full partnerships. This is where our consulting services department shines through, helping your organization update or implement new systems on an as-needed basis.

How Parasol Alliance’s consulting services work

Our technology consulting arm can assist your organization in implementing and selecting solutions, developing a stronger business strategy and assisting your community in being a pillar of technological innovation to give better service to its members. If you’re looking to make a change in a specific technology, or implement new functionalities into your community, our tech consulting experts can ensure you make meaningful change.

Parasol Alliance understands the full weight of responsibility IT teams shoulder to take care of their residents and specializes in systems for senior care homes. We understand Senior Living communities inside and out, and can help you make technology decisions that both enhance the level of care at your community and suit your budgetary needs.

Our consulting practice spans the entirety of your IT department’s scope, from recommending technology solutions to implementation, even bringing in a dedicated project management solution for your specific tech plans. Some of the most common consulting services we specialize in include (but are not limited to):

While Senior Living communities have been adopting both cloud services and amenities across their campuses, many have been running into the issue that their wireless infrastructure is not up to the task for the increased demand that these updates create. Slow connections cause frustration across the board, from residents, to families, to employees. To help fix this issue, Parasol Alliance has created a three-step process to ensure that your community has the network access that they need.

Step 1: Survey

Option 1: Predictive wireless survey

This option does not require engineers on site. Instead, our expert team uses simulation tools with your campus floor plan to create a radio frequency (RF) model of your environment. This helps us identify strong access points (APs) to recommend a strong channel plan and determine appropriate power levels.

This survey is a time and cost-effective way to deliver an accurate wireless plan for your community if you have precise and to-scale building blueprints or floor plans.

Option 2: Onsite wireless survey

In this option, one of our wireless engineers will conduct a manual inspection of your community’s hardware. This assessment will help your community by evaluating their mounting locations, orientation, signal strength, and proximity to walls of your wireless technology. This in-depth examination also checks for RF interference and noise levels. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive evaluation of your community’s wireless infrastructure, this is the best choice.

Step 2: Design

After the survey is completed, we design a full wireless solution for your community. This includes heat maps and placing access points in optimal locations to ensure full coverage, including a best-practice channel plan and power levels for your APs. This is all completed with a cost analysis that includes:

  • Projected wireless access point costs
  • Projected network switch ports with the hardware necessary to support it
  • Cabling costs

Step 3: Implementation

  • Parasol Alliance aims to make the implementation process seamless for your organization. We handle all vendor quotes and procurement for your access points, switches, firewall, and cabling. When assisting you in installing your improved wireless network we handle the following:
  • Installation and configuration of switches
  • Installation and configuration of your firewall
  • Access point installation
  • Network and access point configuration
  • Change and communication management
  • Full documentation and go-live support

Some of the most common business systems we help evaluate, optimize, or implement include:

  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Human resources software (HRIS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Resident engagement applications
  • Scheduling systems
  • Emergency call systems
  • Point of Sale Systems (POS)


Some of the most common network, systems, and security projects we help with include:

  • Server upgrades
  • Desktop operating system upgrades
  • Email security implementation
  • Phone systems replacements or upgrades
  • Wireless network surveys & design
  • Network refresh
  • Door access upgrades
  • Camera systems upgrades
  • Cybersecurity upgrades
  • Cloud services
  • VPN authentication
  • Disaster recover and backup

Some of the most common items we provide guidance with for new construction technology design projects include:

  • Emergency call response and wander guard
  • Security cameras
  • Door access control
  • Integration of low voltage systems
  • Network infrastructure
  • Audio/visual design
  • TV service selection and coordination
  • End user management set up and configurations
  • Emergency broadcast notification system
  • Digital display signage
  • Telecom and phone systems
  • Coordination and project management of IT vendors
  • Cabling and equipment location design

What an IT and technology transformation can mean for your Senior Living community

Implementing upgrades across your technology and business systems can provide all the difference for your organization. Optimizing your business processes, and how they interact with your technology, can make a major impact on how your residents and their families interact with your community and can create deep, lasting satisfaction from your clients and residents.

Your residents and employees interact with your technology infrastructure every day, and keeping it as up-to-date as possible is recommended to give a better experience both internally and for your community as a whole. Better communication systems, clean analytics, more reliable Wi-Fi and clear scheduling systems enable the entirety of your community to operate smoothly and more efficiently. Those differences in functionality aren’t just noticed by your internal community members; they’re picked up on by people who are looking to become residents and their families. Technological transformation affects the very core of your business and mission to give excellent care.

The Parasol Alliance Difference

We provide more than just innovation and technology consulting. Parasol Alliance’s consulting service brings real partnership to your community and acts as a trusted advisor to your IT team, enabling you to tackle any size of project with ease. By focusing purely on Senior Living communities, we have a specialized expertise in the technology and business solutions you need and the best practices to implement them.

Our years of experience in delivering innovative managed services to Senior Living communities – no matter their needs – has given us the capability to deliver outstanding solutions that help you prioritize care for your residents while making your processes more secure and efficient. We pride ourselves on delivering transformative services and enhanced functionality for each one of our clients.