Managed Security Services Provider

Ensuring that your Senior Living community is as safe as possible for your residents and employees is paramount to your business.

This goes for cybersecurity as much as it does for physical security. Implementing security solutions is vitally important to ensure your organization keeps sensitive data out of the hands of malicious actors, and guarantees the safety of your staff and residents. It’s also critical that your organization maintains HIPAA compliance and makes sure that personal health information (PHI) does not leak from your community.

Senior Living communities have recently seen a significant increase in data breaches and ransomware attacks, so having a proactive strategy along with policies and procedures related to cybersecurity is more important than ever. These policies and procedures will also be vital in ensuring your community is securing the proper cybersecurity insurance policy at the best rate. Lastly, ensuring you take the necessary steps in performing the CMS required annual HIPAA security assessment is equally important in ensuring your community’s compliance.

How Parasol Alliance assists Senior Living communities with their security practices

Our team of professionals has created a set of security solutions that can help secure your community and reduce your risk of HIPAA compliance breaches. As an MSP who is committed to assisting and protecting senior living communities, we understand your pain points as well as the best practices for putting together a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and compliance management program to ensure highly effective results. Our managed security services are bundled together for peace of mind. These three bundled services include:

To gain a better understanding of your security posture, as well as your network infrastructure, our team launches a series of simulated cyberattacks on your organization’s computer systems. This is done to highlight vulnerabilities that exist in your network, your overall network security, as well as test your organization’s ability to respond quickly to cyber threats.

We use vulnerability scanning on both your external-facing and internal portions of your network for a full view on your potential vulnerabilities, as well as go out of our way to identify newly discovered or 0-day threats on your network you may not have been aware of or detected.

After completing our vulnerability scanning course, we will make recommendations to remediate any security vulnerabilities we have identified, and make suggestions for best-practice cybersecurity actions to help you build your resilience against cyber threats. We also recommend you perform vulnerability scans regularly to keep your organization aware of any potential security weaknesses, but also gain more information into the state of your network. If you are also an MSP client, we will implement action items to address the findings.

The biggest threat of an organization’s security system is the staff. Parasol Alliance’s team of security experts have created a program to help your employees recognize cyber threats and react appropriately. The modules we have created include:

Baseline Campaign: The first step of training is to establish a baseline of your organization’s security posture and your employee’s level of ability to detect phishing attacks. Our security team sends simulated phishing emails to your staff to understand your organization’s level of training when it comes to cybersecurity best practices. This helps to give us a foundation for customized training.

Employee Training: Parasol gives your staff access to a library of cybersecurity and compliance awareness training on demand. This training content includes interactive modules, videos, and games, all while allowing you to pick specific content for each user role in your organization. Some of the categories include general cybersecurity such as phishing, email security, dealing with a ransomware attack, malware detection and general data security. Other modules include HIPAA and PHI compliance training.

The purpose of these modules is to ensure your employees are always working with best security and compliance practices in mind – lessening risk for your organization and protecting valuable data. We will customize a security plan, schedule, policies, and procedures based on your community’s needs and objectives. This plan will provide cybersecurity content and keep your employees reminded of their duties towards security and compliance on a proactive basis.

One of the most important duties your employees have is maintaining your organization’s status as a HIPAA compliant entity. Remaining compliant with HIPAA regulations is a core element in preventing security breaches. To ensure your organization is well within compliance standards, Parasol Alliance will conduct a thorough healthcare-compliant risk assessment on your organization to make sure your PHI stays within your organization and doesn’t become compromised. Our team of compliance experts will audit your procedures and technologies to ensure that data regulations are being followed, and make recommendations to further shore up your capabilities of maintaining strong security over the PHI and other data of your residents. This government mandated assessment must be completed by senior living communities annually. Parasol Alliance will walk you through this process by assessing, reporting, and providing remediation recommendation steps on your behalf.

The Parasol Alliance difference

Parasol Alliance is more than just an MSP. We specialize solely in providing technology solutions to senior living communities on how to best run their security, technology and business solutions. Our deep knowledge of communities just like yours helps us inform you of best practice solutions that not only keep your community safe and in compliance with regulations, but also help your organization run in a smooth and efficient manner. We aim to bring a real partnership to your team, and ensure your employees are up to date on security procedures. If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your security posture, and develop a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, contact us today.