Resident Technology Support

Senior Living technology is becoming more complex every day, and residents of Senior Living communities expect increasing education to support the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Senior Living communities can help ensure that their residents become familiar with the tools they need to stay connected to their family and friends, as well as community residents and staff. Increased usage of technology will keep your residents more engaged, decrease social isolation, and provide them with better quality-of-life and care.

Parasol Alliance’s Tech@Home resident support technology services provide an on-campus solution to help your residents not just thrive but excel with technology.

Tech@Home Resident Support

The Tech@Home Resident Support program provides the residents in your Senior Living community with personalized technology support to help them connect better with the world around them, from community engagement to catching up on the news and keeping up with their families.

Parasol Alliance’s team is dedicated to providing outlets for lifelong learning within senior communities. We are committed to one-on-one technology support for your residents as well as education to help them keep up with the ever-changing pace of technology.

How our Tech@Home program works

To ensure that your residents are properly supported, Parasol Alliance collaborates with your community’s team to build robust technology programming for your residents, both virtually and in person. Once we engage with your community, our dedicated resident technology team then works with your residents to help them become more confident in their technological abilities. We work at the residents’ own pace and ensure that our lessons are compassionate, innovative and responsive to your community’s needs.

Our Services

Services that Parasol Alliance’s Tech@Home Resident Support program can provide include:

Our staff help your new residents set up their devices and systems upon move-in or as part of any other living space change, ensuring that they don’t need to worry about setting up internet, printers, speakers, Wi-Fi and more.

Our Bring Your Own Device drop in sessions teach seniors how to get the most out of their devices and demystify some of their more complex features. This is also a fantastic time for your residents to get direct face-to-face technical support for any of their tech issues.

Our team fully supports your residents personal devices and any technical issues related to those devices. We provide direct, one on one support from laptop, tablets, smartphones, printers and more.

Available both virtually and on-site, our technology classes are designed to teach Senior Living community residents how to best use their technology in a way that makes these tools simple to us and helps unlock the many benefits that new tech can have in their lives. Residents are also educated on what technology is out there in the world today and how they can best participate in the technology landscape.

The benefits of greater technology access for seniors

Technology usage can be massively beneficial for seniors for a variety of reasons. Chief among them is that it serves as an outlet for socialization. There are plenty of easy-to-use applications out there that can help seniors have greater connectivity to keep in touch with their family members and the extended network of friends they have made throughout their lives. Socialization also has been proven to give better health outcomes for seniors, especially in terms of mental health.

Mental stimulation is another fantastic benefit that technology knowledge can give to your residents. Access to crossword puzzles, documentaries, games and interesting articles can help older adults keep sharp and focused. By giving your residents the ability to access entertainment for themselves on their own schedule and according to their own preferences, you can greatly reduce the rate of decline in mental acuity that comes with age.

The internet is a place filled with so much opportunity – and so much information – that it’s sometimes hard to remember one of the main benefits: It’s a limitless source of entertainment. Granting your Senior Living residents better access to some of the most entertaining content possible can help reduce depression rates and give your residents something to talk about with each other, reducing social isolation.

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of technology’s benefits for members of a Senior Living community, it is very clear that giving your residents better access to tech not only results in a higher standard of living, but also brings better care outcomes.

About Parasol Alliance

Parasol Alliance is more than just a managed services provider, we are a long term partner in support of the mission and goals of senior living communities. Our focus is solely on providing technology management solutions for these communities and we are specialized in understanding your needs through the lens of a team of senior living technology experts. With years of experience delivering solutions to communities just like yours, we can guarantee that not only will your needs be met, they will be exceeded.

At Parasol Alliance, our vision is to transform technology culture in senior living communities by bringing strategy, innovation and accountability to the use of technology. We specialize in project management and IT operations to help our clients effectively leverage technology and achieve their long-range goals