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BLOG | November 22

How senior living communities can benefit from outsourcing IT solutions

For many senior living communities, maintaining and upgrading their IT infrastructure and business systems can be a tall order. There are a wide variety of technologies that both your staff and residents use every day, and they all need to be working in perfect sync with each other to deliver great care and service to your residents. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Outsourcing some or all of your IT solutions can help you focus on your core business of caring for your residents, while empowering them and your staff with the technology and tools they need to live their best lives. In fact, outsourcing IT can help your organization undergo real technological transformation as well. After all, in this day in age, every organization is an IT organization, whether they realize it or not.

Why your community should be outsourcing its IT

There are many reasons for a senior living community to want to outsource its technology solution. Senior living is a very unique industry with very specific technology needs that are ever-changing in today’s landscape. Many information technology staff in these organizations have too little bandwidth in their day-to-day workflows to engage in all the necessary technology initiatives, and high turnover in these roles mean there is little room for anything but maintaining existing systems. Furthermore, many communities face tight budgeting requirements for their IT operations, which can lead to some systems being underutilized or ignored completely until something breaks. This is where using managed services can really assist your organization.

By outsourcing your IT team, you’re able to bring in a specialized group of experts who have the bandwidth and focus to ensure your systems are operating at maximum efficiency and proactively solve problems while creating value for your organization through technology. Outsourced IT also provides your existing employees with more bandwidth to focus on what really matters to your organization; delivering excellent care to your residents.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Solutions

There are a wide range of benefits to outsourcing your IT solutions. At its core, outsourcing provides your organization with a robust team of highly trained IT professionals at a fraction of the cost who can help your community make the most out of its technology operations and strategy. Some of the advantages of outsourcing include:

  • Reduced costs: One of the most important aspects of outsourcing IT is the cost reduction associated with it. Managing and training a full IT team is far more expensive than having a managed IT service provider proactively partner with you for all your technology needs. Organizations such as MSPs also have access to IT tools and infrastructure that would normally be cost prohibitive for your organization, but are relatively inexpensive to use compared to building out a solution for just your community.
  • Greater efficiency: By having your existing staff focus on your community’s core functions and outsourcing some or all of your IT solutions to professional services, your organization will feel the difference in the amount of work getting done in the same timeframe. This is due to your staff no longer having to be pulled in many different directions at once, allowing them to focus on the core competencies of your business.
  • Smooth scaling: A large benefit of outsourcing your IT is that it allows you to scale your investment in technology as it relates to your organization’s objectives and budgets. If your community is growing, or simply wants to maximize its resources, working with a managed service provider makes it easy to implement the technology you need without having to bring on additional employees.
  • Innovative technology: When you outsource your IT to an industry specialized managed service provider, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge as it relates to best-in-class technology that they are constantly evaluating. The time commitment, expertise, and effort it takes to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing senior living technology landscape is a full time job in itself. Leverage an MSP to provide the analytics and provide guidance around best practices in senior living IT.
  • Reduced risk: When you sign on with managed IT services or other IT outsourcers for security services or technology to help manage compliance, you are reducing your own risk. This is due to the fact that these organizations tend to have a strong grasp on how to minimize network security issues and ensure that compliance to data laws is kept, among many other risk management related best practices.

How Parasol Alliance Helps Communities With Their IT Solutions

At Parasol Alliance, we focus solely on providing IT solutions to senior living communities. We excel at delivering technology strategy, project management, and day-to-day operations to senior living organizations to make them more efficient, effective and able to better serve their residents. As our client, our team of experts can help you develop a long-lasting technology plan based on your current IT infrastructure, that will guide you through the execution of this plan, aligning with your overall business goals, benefiting your residents and staff alike. If you’re looking to leverage the expertise of a specialized senior living IT provider, contact us today.