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CASE STUDY | June 23 - 3 min read

Vinson Hall Retirement Community’s Dedication to Resident Technology Support

Vinson Hall is a single-site retirement community located in McLean, Virginia that serves 400 residents. They have a specialized focus on providing living solutions for retired military officers and high ranking government officials.

Business Challenge

Vinson Hall was facing several technology related challenges that were presenting issues for their organization. Vinson Hall’s technology systems were outdated, and their internal team did not have the experience or knowledge to fully implement the necessary IT operational solutions. To add to the issues that the organization was facing, their technicians were primarily focused on offering technical support to residents, allowing little bandwidth for supporting their staff’s technology needs. With limited resources and conflicting priorities, Vinson Hall CFO Rick Bova decided to call on Parasol Alliance to help their organization with their technology strategy. Rick had the benefit of working with Parasol Alliance at a previous Senior Living community, so he was confident in reaching out to Parasol Alliance as a solution for his technology challenges.


In order to help Vinson Hall deliver the quality of technology support that their residents expected, as well as implement and support technology solutions for their staff, Parasol Alliance stepped in to provide two separate IT service lines – one dedicated exclusively for residents, and another exclusively for staff.

To provide resident services, Vinson Hall implemented Parasol Alliance’s Tech@Home program which has helped Vinson Hall maintain their high level of technology support, both in-person and through a help line, for their residents. By having support separated from staff operations, Vinson Hall quickly found that they were able to be more responsive to their residents and provide them with technicians who really understood their needs. These solutions provided by Parasol Alliance include technology device set up, drop-in sessions, one-on-one support and troubleshooting, group classes, and more.

On the staff operations side, Parasol Alliance helped Vinson Hall implement Caremerge, a resident engagement platform that mutually benefits staff, residents, and their family members. Vinson Hall’s residents and staff alike had been asking for a resident portal to be able to share and communicate information quickly both inside and outside the community and have easy access to the events calendar and other community happenings. This resident engagement platform helped reduce the vast amounts of paper that they had to manage and organize their lifestyles in their community, by providing a digital platform that can be accessed, updated and managed through an app at their fingertips.


The adoption of Caremerge into the community was a major success and a big win for Vinson Hall, with more than 50% of the community quickly adopting the new technology as soon as it was available.

All-in-all, the decision that Vinson Hall made to have Parasol Alliance take over their technology strategy and IT department was the right one. Vinson Hall has found greater success on both its staff operations and residential support sides.

“You can’t hire the expertise or get the response times that we’ve been seeing with Parasol Alliance - you just can’t hire enough people. In Senior Living communities, we just don’t have the resources to provide it for ourselves. You aren’t going to find technology experts with more Senior Living experience than Parasol Alliance - especially with a great level of service. I’ve been working with Parasol Alliance for 5+ years in two separate communities and it has been a fantastic relationship. They’re so dedicated to being the best and they truly live by that.”
Rick Bova
Chief Financial Officer

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