The Latest Stories, News, And Trends in Senior Living Technology

February 23 - 7 min read

The future of senior living technology

Standards of care and the demand for greater comforts in senior living communities have evolved consistently over the years in order to better provide for each individual resident. As the space continues to grow and change, so too does the technology needed to support and enhance the experience of not only your residents, but your

January 23 - 5 min read

When looking for an IT partner, experience with senior living communities is critical

Every single business has its own technology needs. Some require vast server farms to run large amounts of information, others need to ensure that end users are happy with their final product. Senior living communities are no different when it comes to having unique requirements for their business, and sometimes the technologies that are needed

December 22 - 6 min read

Why Every Senior Living Community Needs a Strategic Technology Plan to Thrive

  Technology can mean something different depending on who you ask. Many think of traditional “IT” as being limited to desktop and mobile devices, network monitoring, and the help desk. We believe technology encompasses so much more. But how do we change this mindset? Enter our vision to transform technology culture in senior living. We

November 22 - 5 min read

How senior living communities can benefit from outsourcing IT solutions

For many senior living communities, maintaining and upgrading their IT infrastructure and business systems can be a tall order. There are a wide variety of technologies that both your staff and residents use every day, and they all need to be working in perfect sync with each other to deliver great care and service to